Nordic bakeWare Essential Bundt Kit|Sale $29.99|mini bundt pan

Nordic bakeWare Essential Bundt Kit
Nordic bakeWare Essential Bundt Kit
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The Bundt cakes are simple yet sophisticated. Easy to bake, the unique shape of the Bundt cake is beautiful on its own, requiring no decoration at all. The Essential Bundt kit contains all the tools for your favorite baker: A classic 12 Cup Bundt, mini 12 cavity Bundt Brownie pan for bite-sized treats, a twist-lock cake keeper, and a hardcover 40-recipe cookbook full of never-before published recipes. The nordic bakeware set is a "must-have" for those who love to bake! Featuring: * Aluminum 12 cup Classic Bundt pan and 12-cavity Mini Bundt Brownie pans brown cakes evenly * Nonstick interiors make cakes pop right out, and stylish red exteriors lend a cheerful glow to your baking pans * Twist-to-Lock Bundt Keeper makes serving and transportation of your baked goods a piece of cake * Includes brand-new Best of the Bundt hardcover cookbook, featuring classic Bundt recipes as well as new contest-winning recipes; Over 40 scrumptious recipes, each with a full photo